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Huan legu 58 free ads spot law Amilia, Razi Mahfudzi deplored the attitude of the families that seemed to abandon his client. Huan legu 58 free ads spot appealed to the families and responsible attention to Novi.

“‘s Attorney appealed to parents to take responsibility Novi to his son. Otherwise, one representative ( may be present ),”Razi said in the West Jakarta District Court to reporters, Tuesday ( 11/26/2013 ).

Razi says, based on data obtained from RSKO Cibubur, Novi mentioned do not have parents. The hospital admitted confusion especially terkaita party will bear the cost of treatment Novi.

“Due to RSKO responsibility in such costs and others. Paid And all this time because he had to use KJS Jakarta ID card,”said Razi.

“Until now ( family Novi ) has baseball and baseball cooperatively to contact us,”said Razi.